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Commercial Real Estate Loans
Los Angeles

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As an investor who utilizes commercial real estate loans, do you
typically call your favorite lender for a loan quote and go to
application without checking out potentially better loan options?

Strip centers, apartments, single tenant, owner user, industrial,
office, medical buildings and mixed use properties will vary in their
pre-qualification, underwriting and funding requirements.

Knowing which lender to go to can save you thousands of dollars in loan
payments, more flexible underwriting requirements, quicker funding
time, and the ability to get you your desired loan dollars (LTV).

Interest rates, loan costs, term, and prepayment penalties will vary
from one lender to the next and can change without notice depending on
the lender's appetite for your property type.

More often than not, a borrower who may be getting a slight edge on the
interest rate over another lender does not necessarily mean that his
financing objectives or exit strategy has been met.

And on the other side of the loan process, one lender's underwriting
criteria may drive you crazy, where another can make it a painless

Whether you are purchasing a property or simply looking to refinance,
we can offer you a range of loan options.

Our loan programs come by way of large to small commercial banks or
recognized savings & loan institutions. And occasionally, for that
property or borrower who requires creativity or niche lending, we'll
use our private money sources.

The loan products that we access are competitive or better than what
the typical lender has to offer. In fact, more often than not, we will
provide you with the best rate and term than you would attempt to find
on your own. This is what we refer to as "added value service".

Are we the right choice for your financing?

Phoenix Capital Consulting, is special when it comes to the successful
funding of our clientele's commercial real estate loans.

We know our market, the mindset of our lenders, and therefore, we can
anticipate the outcome of our commercial loan transactions.

We will diligently work your loan transaction from start to finish and
keep you in the loop with all the details.

Can we show you a few more commercial loan options?

We'll provide you with access to a few aggressive lenders who we broker
our commercial real estate loans to which will result in...
* More cash out
* Higher LTV
* Better interest rate
* Reduced loan costs
* More term flexibility
* Lower prepayment penalty
* Short or long term fixed

Purchasing a building?

We are adept at loan and cash flow analysis. Let us assist you with
your acquisitions due-diligence.

We have a keen eye when reviewing property operating statements and can
advise you in the areas of extreme or out-of-line property expenses.

Let's discuss what challenges you may have in satisfying the lender's
underwriting guidelines.
"Let Us Show You The Money"

Commercial Mortgage Lenders in California
Need good commercial mortgage lenders? We have the most competitive
banking relationships in the So. Cal. markets
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How an SBA commercial loan to ties into your business & property
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apartments, industrial properties
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Apartment loans with the best rate and terms when you don't know where
to shop
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Hard money commercial loans when conventional lending is not an option
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Sampling of real estate investment loans funded through Phoenix Capital
Commercial loan rates, commercial mortgage rates
Commercial loan rates remain at all time lows. Lenders rise and drop
their spreads depending on their appetites for business
Commercial Loan Training - Lender Endorsed - Phoenix Capital Consulting
Commercial loan training ebooks. Lender endorsed tax return and
commercial loan analysis for loan agents
Broker Price Opinion - Los Angeles - Phoenix Capital Consulting
Broker price opinion - multifamily and commercial BPO's for quick loan
fundings. Delivered in 24 - 48 hours. Great pricing!
SBA loan financing
SBA loan financing...504 flow chart
SBA 7a Loans
SBA 7a loans flow chart
Commercial Real Estate Lenders, Commercial Loan Officers
Commercial real estate lenders...No need to shop around for a
commercial lender. You can go direct.
Commercial Mortgage Calculator
Use our commercial mortgage calculator
Multifamily financing in California
Alternative multifamily financing...Fannie Mae
Site Map for commercial-loan-pro
Site map for easy navigation through commercial-loan-pro
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Commercial loan brokers...our contact page
Commercial loan brokers contact page
Real Estate Investing Books
Real estate investing books for buyers of investment properties

Calif Dept of Real Estate Broker No. 00958991
Copyright Phoenix Capital Consulting
All Rights Reserved


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